Dermaroller For Hair Growth: The search for the best hair growth products is ever-growing, and the internet’s response has been to produce and advertise a vast array of hair treatment products. From shampoos to treatments, lotions to creams, several products are available that promise to help us get thicker and healthier looking hair.

But what’s behind these promises, and do they work?

As we become increasingly reliant on the internet to fuel our shopping, followers and customers, one ‘product’ that has consistently been interested in the cosmetics and beautician industries is ‘dermaroller.’

Dermaroller For Hair Growth, It might seem crazy that something so small could be so powerful, but the very idea is derived from the basic principle of acupuncture. It is described as a type of micro-treatment, where tiny needles are used to break the skin and scrape off the top layer of skin.

This device was initially used for treating severe skin conditions. The needles have been modified for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic derma rollers have smaller needles and can be used on the outer layer of the skin. Dermaroller for hair growth is used in several different ways.

• it is used for acne scars, scars and hair loss

• it is used for stretch marks

• it is used for wrinkles

• it is used for a variety of skin conditions

These are but a few skins concerns that a derma roller can be used for. Dermarollers and Microneedling have gained popularity in recent years. It has become one of the most sought-after beauty treatments.

How it works

This treatment helps your body’s natural process to create new skin cells. The needles scrape off the top layer of the skin, allowing new cells to penetrate the skin, helping to lift and rejuvenate the skin.

The treatment is quite popular among celebrities. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum visibly improve their skin by using this treatment.

What is a derma roller?

Derma rollers are ultra-thin needles that are rolled over the skin. It has been used to treat scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. The needles have small perforations to help new skin cells penetrate the skin, thus healing the skin.

The needles are made of stainless steel and are precisely cut. Depending on the size and specifications, the needles have 100 – 300 needles per derma roller. The needles are made to penetrate just the top layer of the skin. The treatment can even be used on the delicate eye area.

It is one of the best micro-needling treatments available today. The needles are thin and penetrate the epidermis, the layer of the skin that contains the cells.

Which areas can be treated?

The derma roller can be used for multiple areas of the body. It can help with scars, fine lines, deep wrinkles and stretch marks. The needles are very sharp, so needles should be used properly. These needles penetrate just a thin layer of the skin, so they are not painful and can cause as little discomfort as possible.

How to apply it?

Firstly, clean the skin to be treated with a face wash. Apply a moisturizer on the face. After applying moisturizer apply the derma roller evenly over the entire treated area. Gently roll over the skin several times. Don’t worry if your skin gets red following the treatment. It is a temporary phenomenon that will soon disappear.

After applying the derma roller, roll over with gauze until the skin has settled down. You can apply a thin film of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

Wait 1-2 minutes and remove the derma roller. Then apply foundation or tinted moisturizer.

You are now ready to apply makeup.


The treatment takes about 30 minutes. The skin will look red and swollen for 24 hours, even tighter for 7-14 days. You will notice slight swelling and lumps under the skin.

During the treatment, the skin becomes slightly sensitive and numb. There may be some bruising and swelling for 72 hours. Some clients will have broken capillaries, red scars and areas of hyperpigmentation. These are everyday aspects associated with micro-needling.

The micro-pores created by the derma roller are not visible but allow for new skin cells to enter the skin. The results will show in a few months. It is one of those treatments that must be seen to be believed.

Results can vary from person to person. It depends on your skin’s needs, the degree of damage, and the skin’s sensitivity to the treatment.

The derma roller is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone with bleeding disorders,

However, whilst it may seem like a simple, easy-to-use product, is it worth the hype? And how effective is it at promoting hair growth?

Although the product may seem harmless, more than 5000 users have claimed to have been injured by dermaroller, believing it to be unsafe to use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings about the risks posed by the derma roller, stating that the punctures created can resume bleeding, discolor the skin and possibly lead to infection.

Like any other product on the market, some users have found derma roller beneficial. The technique has proven to work for those with wrinkles, scarring and a lack of collagen in the skin.

On the other hand, the use of derma roller has been discouraged for facial skin, where the cells of the facial skincare are at their freshest. Dr. Kirschner has advised that dermarolling for facial skin could cause more problems than benefits.

However, if you have a different facial area, are at least 20 years old, and have a slow growth pattern, dermarolling may be worth a go.

Dermarolling may help with hair growth.

As well as the issue of facial skin, derma rolling can help with hair growth. The treatment by cosmetic dermatologist Dr. George Papanikolaou can help stimulate hair growth, helping hair to grow thicker and longer.

Although dermatologists have found that dermarolling has limited success, other users have found a positive response, with better results when used with the hair growth product Follipil, the unique serum (at least for Germany) that promises to reduce hair loss in men.

So, how can derma roller help with hair growth?

The derma roller helps create deep punctures, helping to reactivate hair follicles and stimulate growth. The Follipil serum penetrates deeper into the scalp, encouraging hair growth and improving the overall appearance. The treatment can be used at home or in a professional clinic, the treatment itself costing between $50- $150.

Suppose you were thinking about using a derma roller for hair growth or wrinkles or scarring but are unsure about where it could be used, as mentioned above. In that case, it may prove beneficial to use a professional for the treatment.

Many people believe that Derma Rollers (also known as micro-needling) is little more than the latest beauty fad. The truth is, they have a powerful rejuvenating effect. This treatment has been used for many years a combat the signs of aging and scarring (such as raised or broken blood vessels). But more recently, derma rollers are becoming known for their ability to rejuvenate the skin and promote new cell growth.

How Does Derma Roller Therapy Work?

A derma roller consists of a series of fine needles that penetrate the skin in a controlled manner to promote collagen and elastin production. The needles also stimulate and improve blood circulation, which is essential for healing the skin but also helps rejuvenate and plump the skin. Have you been suffering from acne or acne scars? Derma roller therapy can help.

How Does Derma Roller Therapy Improve the Skin?

Medi Threading Salon offers derma roller therapy for hair loss. As new skin cells are produced, they push the old ones to the surface. New skin cells plump the skin, making it look younger and healthier. Our skin tends to lose its elasticity as we age, making wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable. The derma roller needles stimulate collagen production, which plays a significant role in skin elasticity and combats wrinkles and fine lines. The needles also encourage the release of growth factors, encouraging the skin to heal faster and more effectively.

Derma Roller Therapy for Hair Growth

Derma roller therapy can play a significant role in promoting hair growth. A derma roller helps to reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth. The needles stimulate hair follicles, which then grow more robust and fuller.

Derma Roller Therapy for Wrinkles

As collagen production increases, the skin becomes more resilient and smoother. The needles also promote the production of elastin, a protein that helps the skin retain its elasticity so that wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced and crow’s feet are reduced.

Derma Roller Therapy at Home

Derma roller therapy at home is quickly becoming popular with those seeking a rejuvenating treatment. Treatments are performed with a home derma roller, which means that you can get the treatment from the comfort of your own home.


 In summary, dermarolling for hair growth has been shown to stimulate new hair growth in patients with androgenic alopecia. It is a safe and relatively painless method of stimulating hair growth.